RF Cauterisation for Warts, DPN and Small Growth

Radiofrequency cauterisation is a versatile dermato surgical procedure used for surgical management of skin lesions by using various forms of alternating current at an ultra high frequency. These radio waves are further modified to produce different waveforms that are passed into the lesion.

Radiofrequency Cauterisation is used to treat various skin growths and a number of conditions including.

Wart, Corn, Skin tag, Age Spot, Cherry Angioma, Syringoma, Milia, Molluscum

At Dr. Shveta’s, RF Cauterisation is performed by a medical doctor who has the expertise and knowledge to provide appropriate results.

Small and large lesions can be permanently removed in one session. Topical/local anaesthesia is given to patients prior to the procedure to minimise pain.

Our pre-procedure and post procedure care ensures the best possible results. Oral and topical antibiotics are provided to patients. RF Cauterisation is not suitable for patients with pacemaker and keloid tendency. It is a simple and safe procedure with less down time after treatment and fewer side effects. The treatment area heals in 7-10 days. As such, there is minimal damage to surrounding areas.

We believe that people with skin conditions should have their care managed at a level appropriate to the severity and complexity of their condition and that any skin treatments should be delivered by a competent and qualified medical doctor.

DR. Shveta is an experienced dermatologist with skills in prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases of the skin, hair and nails.

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